Mobocratic Summer Update brings in a totally new event – Presidential Elections! Now, if the citizens are fed up with your rule, they can run for YOUR office and make change happen! Don’t let this happen!

The new update also brings with it new tools for the organization of the governmental machine. Tools within the constraints of law, of course. Now the President has the possibility of creating an electoral reform. For everything to go by the rules, this he needs to have the support of the supreme court of Bear Island. This is no banana state, after all!

Within the reform it’s possible to redraw election districts and rebalance the amount of seats gained from each district. This, of course, to make sure everyone on the island gets their fair share of voting rights! Some less scrupulous statesmen might succumb to gerrymandering. You surely wouldn’t, right?

As before, keep developing your island and keep making your citizens happy to keep your popularity! Give speeches – if you have the people on your side, talk about things that you value. If you’re unpopular, pretend to like the things you hate and these will lose their traction in the populus!

When the election night finally arrives, you get to hear how well the citizens think you’ve done! They should be happy to have such a statesman and you should be awarded a direct ticket to your second term.

Unfortunately, the opposition is shrewd and unscrupulous in its tactics. They might have committed fraud so that it looks like you’ve lost! Fear not though, as there will be ways to negate the false results!

If you have exercised discretion in picking the right candidates to the supreme court, you need not worry about an unfavourable electoral outcome! With the law by your side, the fake ballots cast by your opponents won’t be putting your glorious tenure as the President to a premature end. You appeal to the court and justice will prevail!

If all else fails, you have your Presidential Associates (some say, criminals – the thoughest people!) to make sure the really unfair election fraud by your opponents doesn’t get its way! Send your associates to the streets to liberate the nation from under the frauds’ rule!

The update brings with it a streamlined and improved tutorial with more things covered. This should help you get started easier!

Last but not least, the update has a minor graphics update optimization. There’s a new OST from Lusitanian Deviant Records. A bug reported to us regarding the save files has been fixed. There was a problem with “:” sign on the English language Windows, causing the game to crash. We’re Finnish and we have different keyboard so this wasn’t a problem in our testing. The problem with savegame crashing has been fixed!