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Mobopedia is the official wiki of Mobocratic (see more), the presidential simulation game. On this page you can find tutorials and tips and tricks on Mobocratic. Check here to find us on Steam!

Mobocratic is a political simulation game which takes place on the nation of Bear Island. You play as the President of the island and your goal is to make the nation prosper. At the same time you want to stay in office so be sure not to annoy your citizens too much!

As a result of reading this official Mobocratic wiki you can get so much more out of your game! In addition to this wiki we also run a Discord-server which you can join from here. On the server we post the latest news on Mobocratic as well as our future titles. Discussion on political / economic simulation gaming topics is also welcome.

Bear Island from Mobocratic the political simulation game

Chapter 1: Being a mobocrat – complete the tutorial

As the President you have free hands on what kind of politics you want to drive. The design principle for Mobocratic was to be “Minecraft of the mind”. Our goal was not only to be one of the many political simulation games but also bring a sandbox element to the mix. We want to enable our players to unleash their creativity and build the island nation of their dreams.

Let me give over the word to Igor Mazeev. Igor is the loyal and trustworthy presidential advisor familiar from the game.

Igor: “Nice to meet you. My name is Igor Mazeev and I’m the honest and modest advisor to the President and an expert in all things legal. Let me tell you how to go about your presidenting business through this 20-part tutorial:”

Mission 1: Igor’s Office

Good evening Mr. President. Pleased to meet you! I am your humble and honest advisor, Igor Mazeev.My mission is to brief you in matters pertaining to the governance of this beautiful island of ours. In the case you want to consult me, your loyal advisor, it’s useful to know where to find me.Click on the top left corner ”courses” menu.This will take you to my office where I can brief you on urgent tasks you need to fulfill as the nation’s head.

Mission 2: Build a house!

Fantastic! How do you like the decor? I got it custom made by a carpenter who owed me money. The optionality was to get in touch with my… associates. I still pat myself on the back for that deal.Alright, you can close the courses menu now. First things first. People need a roof upon their heads. Build a Shack for them to huddle in. You find the buildings menu on the bottom left corner. Click on “Shack” and place it on the map.

Mission 3: Build a mine!

Fantastic work, Mr. President! Now let’s move on. Deselect the Shack by clicking “deselect” on the buildings menu on the bottom left corner. Okay, how do we make money in this forsaken place? Well, giving the world something it wants is a good place to start. Let’s build a mine to produce ore that we can sell to the markets. Click on the “Mine” icon on the buildings -menu and place the mine on the map. Place the mine as far away from housing as possible as there’s a sentiment of NIMBY rampant on our island.If the council still doesn’t vote yes on your proposal, try building another shack first. Homeless citizens aren’t doing you any favours. Deselect the mine and select a shack and then place it on the map.If strapped on cash, wait for some time so that your treasury will fill up.If an election cycle or court nominations come your way, skip these as of now. We’ll go through them soon enough.

Mission 4: Nominate judges

Great work President! Now, as I promised, let’s nominate a judge. Next time the possibility to nominate a judge is offered, click on the drag menu and right click every candidate. This will open a conversation view. Ask them their opinion on politics. Try typing “conservatism” or “environmentalism”. When you’ve talked with all applicants, left-click on the person you wish to nominate.In total, there are five political belief axis: capitalism-socialism, isolationism-globalism, liberalism-conservatism, environmentalism-industrialism, and populism-technocratism. When you want to know a person’s political views, type in the name of the value you’re interested in.

Mission 5: Become a farm hand

Excellent! Now we’ve secured that justice will be delivered as it should, to those it should.Now, let’s build a farm. This will provide some sorely needed extra cash. Again, build the farm away from existing housing. If the council still doesn’t let you build the farm, build a new housing unit. Homeless people surely aren’t going to make your life easy.As before, if strapped on cash, just wait until your treasury fills.

Mission 6: Burning hot topic

Splendid! You’re getting the hang of it.Now we’re producing a modest sum of money every turn to provide for our ever growing governmental machinery.Next we’ll need to figure out how to spend this hard-earned money.Let’s go meet some people and see what they have to say. Click on a person on the “people” menu on the left hand sidebar.Let’s ask this person’s opinion on socialism, a very burning hot topic especially in some circles in the US.Type “Do you like socialism?”

Mission 7: Just being lazy

If you’re in the lazy mood, you can simply type the ideology’s name to the box you want to ask about. Let’s try this! Write this word to the box and press enter: “environmentalism”

Mission 8: Happy chicken

Great! Now, try asking how to make them happy. Type “happiness” to the discussion.

Mission 9: Clicking like a right-winger

Great! It seems like we can build specific buildings to increase the life quality. Life quality is one of the three factors affecting the citizens’ satisfaction. The second factor is the policies you’ve implemented that affect peoples’ happiness. The third factor is the extent to which the person agrees with the political values your choices represent Now, perhaps if you’re short on cash, you’ll notice the buildings being disabled as you have no money to build them. When you’ve accumulated some cash, right click on a building on the shack building on the buildings menu to open the building information on life quality impact and cost/income. Again, if strapped on cash, click on the “next turn” -button on your mobile on the bottom right corner.

Mission 10: Greatest shack God ever created!

Great work! Now, build a Shed. This will increase the living quality of the citizens living in it more than a shack, thus increasing their satisfaction. All previous building rules apply here.

Mission 11: Be like Robin Hood

Building new housing and entertainment buildings gains you satisfaction points. These, alongside with money, are the currency in Mobocratic. You can propose policies and give speeches using your satisfaction points. When you’ve accumulated enough satisfaction points, try to enact the policy “Tax Landowners”. This will give you an income in the form of 1% wealth tax. This was the favoured form of taxation for the ancient Romans, a textbook example of tried and true I would say. You find the policy menu in the top left corner. If your proposal doesn get through, wait until next elections and choose an election method that leads to a moderate government getting the power. Landowner tax of 1% is uncontroversial and opposed only by radicals.

Mission 12: Hoard money

Great work! I’m proud to be serving such a statesman! Now, let’s further increase our war chest. Generate 10 000 euros.

Mission 13: After war – let’s go to bar!

Hurray! So now our chests are sprawling with cash. And do you know what..? Normally, I wouldn’t give you financial tips (because I’m not an accountant or anything…), but in this case, I will. Start hanging in different bars on this island. They’re often named as “Flying Bird Pub”, or in some cases “Church Bar”. On where the priests of this island got the idea to set up a bar in their church, I’ve got no idea of, but that’s not our problem. Open a bar by clicking it on map. Exit the bar and reopen it repeatedly until I tell you otherwise. You’ll meet new people every time entering the bar.

Mission 14: Let’s go to the bar

Wonderful! Now I have the feeling that the person I’m searching for is here… please click one by one all the characters in the bar until you meet a person whose profession is so clorious as a “Stealer”. They’ll be members in organizations. If the stealer suggests you something, just answer: “Yes, tell me more”. If you get no proposition, type: “deal”. If you get no deals, try finding another stealer and start a discussion with them

Mission 15: Just say yes

Oh, that’s a great deal. In fact, the greatest deal God ever created! Now you should answer the following: “Yes, I accept”.

Mission 16: Moving on to actions

Now we’ve hired a criminal. Don’t worry, nobody cares about this, it’s a common practice. Despites, of course, the president is always above the law and has the total authority! Now, exit the bar and click the button at the top left corner of the screen that has the text: “Criminal operations”.

Mission 17: Justice – just not for our enemies!

That was some really presidential action there. And now, we’re going to do even more presidential things! Choose the operation “Fabricate a scandal”, set its executor and choose a random person as the target. And then, click the button “Set operation” to launch it. After that we just have to wait to get some lovely news on our phone newsfeed…

Mission 18: Become a do-gooder

There’s a rumour circulating, saying that the President is dead. This is ridiculous! You have to be seen by the people. In order not to get marinaded by chicken eggs and rotten tomatoes, we’ve got to admit it, popularity matters. Even for Presidents. Raise 10000 satisfaction points. Then we’ll move to phase 2.

Mission 19: Give a speech

Well done! Our time has come. Open the speeches menu and face the nation.

Mission 20: Meddle in the elections!

Excellent. We’ve now sewn the seeds for the economic prosperity of our great nation. Now’s the time to get involved in politics! Council elections are held every 7th turn and prime ministerial elections every 8th turn. In the next election cycle, choose your preferred election method. The choice of method is a great strategic tool for an aspiring Mobocrat as this will make it directly possible for you to choose the coalition that’s forming our next government. The government’s ideology will determine whether you’ll be successful in implementing your future policies. To take a look at the parties’ values, click on the data explorer icon on the top right corner of the election panel. Click on “parties” on the left side menu, and click on a party to see the party’s values. Choose wisely! Click on the “Next turn” -button as long as you come to the elections. If court nominations come your way, skip them as of now. We’ll go through them next.

After this tutorial you should be able to go about your presidency in the best way possible. In case you forget about something, Igor will be available by clicking on the “courses” button in the left-hand menu.