You asked it, we delivered.

We’re proud to announce the newest version of Mobocratic that comes with an all-new tutorial by none other than Igor Mazeev, the honest and trustworthy advisor from Eastern Europe. Igor will begin your shared journey by telling you some of his secrets that help you becoming a real Mobocrat! When the journey continues (in the game that you start today – and, in the longer period, with future updates), Igor will trust you more and share even more of his knowledge of different tricks and ploys that help you to navigate in the complex world of Mobocratic!

The coolest part behind the new system powering the tutorial is its customizability that provides us a solid foundation for any kind of different courses that can teach you new things about the game, but also work as missions that reward you with money and satisfaction points whenever you complete them! The new mission and course system is a fully user-customizable one, and that’s why we are going to release a modding guide for this all-new game system in the next few days.

Thank you for being Mobocrats. If you have any ideas for the future updates, please hit us up!